Payment Requirements

Full payment is due upon registration.
Registrations are not considered final until full payment has been received. CMSS will not allow teams or individuals to participate in any event if payment has not been received.
The cost for all CRS leagues varies depending on the season and activity.


Mandatory Liability Waiver

For a team or individual registration to be valid, all players on the roster MUST agree to the terms of the online waiver.

Once the form has been read, agreed to, and submitted, the individual will be permitted to play.

The waiver is valid for all activities with CMRS.


Registration Changes or Cancellations


Any change or modification to your registration is subject to a $25 administration fee.
Cancellations MORE than two (2) weeks before the start of the league receive a 50% refund. The administration fee of $25 applies.
Cancellations LESS than two (2) weeks before the start of the season will not be refunded. In this case the $25 administration fee will be waived.

Missed games do not qualify for refund.

CMSS is not obligated to refund due to injury or change in physical condition.

Teams or individuals suspended or expelled from CRS activities due to any breach of CRS Policy will forfeit their right to any refund.

Should an entire CRS activity be cancelled, a full refund will be issued. If you have reserved a place in this activity with a credit card with the intention to pay by cheque, CRS will debit your credit card (assuming your cheque has not arrived one week prior to the start of the activity).
If a CRS league is pushed back one (1) to two (2) weeks and the duration of league stays the same, no refunds will be issued.

Cancellations must be requested by email at (no phone requests).

Once a CRS activity is sold out, there will be no refund.


ZERO Alcohol

ALL alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden on the playing field and at CRS facilities. Glass bottles of any kind are also forbidden. Sanctions will vary on a case by case basis. Breach of this policy could mean expulsion from CRS.


ZERO Drugs

NO drugs of any kind are permitted on the field or on the premises of CRS facilities. CRS reserves the right to immediately expel a team from the league without refund.


NO Smoking

Smoking is not permitted on the field or on the premises (both inside and outside) at any CRS facility.

CMSS reserves the right to immediately expel a team or player from the league without refund.



Equipment rental is required for select CMSS activities.

There is a $75 refundable deposit for equipment rental.

The deposit is refunded upon return of all loaned equipment in good condition.

CMSS reserves the right to refuse deposit refund due to equipment negligence.



For all CRS activities that are subject to favorable weather conditions, the decision to play or cancel will be made by 5:00pm on the day of the activity.

The decision will be published both on the website and on the answering machine at 5:00pm.

No phone calls for weather decisions prior to 5:00pm will be taken.





Sport specific attire is encouraged whenever possible.

All watches and jewellery must be removed before play begins.

Home teams wear black, away teams wear white. Please refer to the schedule for home and away team colour assignments.

If you are unsure of which colour you should wear, please bring both a black AND white coloured shirt to your game.

If your team chooses to purchase uniforms, white and black are forbidden. Bright, distinguishable colours are encouraged.

If your team does purchase uniforms, you will still be expected to bring either white or black shirts depending on your home or away team assignment.


CRS Facility Respect

Please respect all CRS facilities.

Replace all facility equipment at the end of your activity.

Take all of your items with you when you leave.

Place all garbage and recyclables in the appropriate receptacles.
Game times will be enforced.

Failure to respect schedule timing could result in missed games or expulsion.

Enter and exit only by the specified areas.

Loitering in CRS rental facilities is prohibited.


Fair Play

Fair Play ratings will be assigned both by monitors and the opposing team after each game.
Any rating below a five (5) must be accompanied by a valid explanation.

Fair Play ratings are based on the overall attitude of the team.

If you believe that your team deserved a higher Fair Play rating than you were awarded, you may choose the Fair Play monitor's rating sight unseen.

Once you decide to contest the rating, you cannot revert to the previous grade.
Teams have one (1) week to contest their Fair Play grade in writing.


Aggressive Play & Behaviour

All CRS activities are non-contact.

All mixed CRS activities are self-officiated.

All officiated CRS activities forbid aggression.

Teams can and will be held responsible for their players' conduct.

If someone on your team is behaving inappropriately, it is both the team and the captain’s responsibility to stop him or her from doing so.

CRS reserves the right to immediately expel a team or player from the league without refund for aggressive play or behaviour.



Wins are worth two (2) points, ties are worth one (1) point and losses are worth zero (0) points.

If a team no-shows, they receive a Fair Play rating of zero (0) and lose the game.

If a team defaults (i.e. not enough players), they lose the game but will still receive a Fair Play rating should a friendly game be played.

Standings are posted on the web site.

Fair Play points count toward the standings.

More information regarding Fair Play points can be found on the standings page.

CRS reserves the right to move teams to a different division in order to improve the competitive balance of the league or activity.



The playoff structure for all CRS leagues includes as many teams as possible.

It is possible that some teams will not qualify for the playoffs and will not play on the final week of the season (i.e. uneven number of teams in league).
During the regular season, team captains can use anyone as a player for their team as long as they have filled out and submitted a CRS liability waiver. Playoff participants must have attended a minimum of 3 regular season games for that team.

In order to discourage “ringers” come playoff time, this rule will be enforced.

If a team is in danger of defaulting a playoff game (i.e. lack of regular players), they may add players to reach the minimum number allowed for that sport.


Team Defaults

This policy is in place to handle and address all teams that need to forfeit and how they go about doing it as well as those that have a forfeit against them.  Please be considerate of others and proactive. The goal of any team or league is to play actual games and not have forfeits.

If your team needs to forfeit, here is what to do:

1. Don’t forfeit! It is the expectation of everyone to have games, so do whatever you can to field a team.  During the regular season you can find subs or recruit from other teams. You can use our Facebook page or log in and leave comments on your sport’s page on to recruit players or find subs. Consult the rules of your league for the legal minimum to play a game.

2. If you need to forfeit please call or email our office before 3pm on the day of your league for weekday leagues and prior to 5pm on Friday for Saturday and Sunday leagues. Our office number is 514-227-2677 or email Make sure to talk to someone or get a response confirming we received your forfeit notification. Your team will still receive a loss despite letting us know, and if you forfeit more than once you may be removed from the -playoffs and/or league.

3. If your team fails to notify us prior to 3 pm on weekdays or 5pm on Friday for Saturday and Sunday leagues your team may be automatically removed from the playoffs and/or league.

If your team had a forfeit against you:

1. If the forfeiting team has adhered to contacting us ahead of time we will try to find another team to play against you in a friendly match. Depending on timing of the notice of your scheduled game time we may reach out to you first to make sure you are aware and give you the choice to have the night off or to have us attempt to find a replacement opponent.

2. If we have not been notified and you show up to your game and no opponent is present, our staff will do their best to find someone to stay and play you in a scrimmage.  If times/dates/space allow we will try and build in a makeup game, although in many cases that may not be possible.  We will address these on a case by case situation.

Individual teams and defaults:

Individual teams are responsible for avoiding defaults by informing their teammate’s when/if they can't attend a game so that a replacement player can be found. However, Individuals teams are not charged default fees by CMSS and they do not lose by default if they don't meet the minimum gender requirement(s) but cannot replace women by men (must play short).

Default Fee - Last Update : 2018-01-12